Mike DibleMike Dible

Denver Personal Injury Lawyer

Explain why you were drawn to the practice of law:
I grew up in small towns where people believe in business done on a handshake basis. I have been working in one capacity or another since I was 12. I have worked a variety of jobs, farms, restaurants, construction, retail, etc. I think that background allows me to relate to people from many backgrounds.

I noticed that many people were being not getting a fair result from the companies they were counting on to look after them. I wanted to be someone who understood how the system functioned so that I could help people like those I grew up with make sense of how the system functioned and find ways to help them through the process to the best possible result.

Describe defining moments in your career:
I spent some time as an insurance defense attorney, and I learned a lot about how insurance companies approach cases in ways that minimize the human aspect of personal injury cases. My time on that side was very instructive on why it is important to know your client, so that you can help a jury to see your client as a person, not as a claim, the way the insurance companies want them presented.

Tell us about your approach to your specific area of practice:
I love working as a Plaintiff’s lawyer, especially the chance to meet people from all different backgrounds and help them to understand and navigate a system that I believe is intentionally made confusing and difficult by the insurance companies. I try hard to be accessible to my clients, to answer questions and provide advice. I want to not only deal with the insurance companies for them, but also to help my clients understand why their case is being handled a particular way.

Discuss how you relate to clients / your approach to handling cases:
I believe it is important that clients be treated as people. I am a big believer in meeting all of my clients in person, preferably at the beginning of the case. I think too many Plaintiff’s firms talk about caseloads and “inventory” and risk starting to see clients the same way insurance companies do. Especially in this day and age, with all the electronic ways of communicating, it is so easy to lose the ability to meet and understand people. I think it is our ability to relate to clients as people that reminds us why we are, and should be, in our profession.

Describe the personal and legal skills that make you great at your job:
I believe I am able to take a complicated process and make it understandable to people who have never gone through this experience before. I think it is not my job to tell clients what they should do. I believe in educating people about the options that they have, and give them the information they need in order to decide how they should move forward with their case.

Tell us about yourself, i.e. where you grew up, went to school, hobbies & other non-work activities, etc.:
I grew up in small towns, between 200 and 20,000 people throughout Western Kansas. I worked to pay my way through a college prep high school in Hays, Kansas. From there I attended the University of Kansas and got a dual degree in Political Science and History. I went on to graduate from the University of Notre Dame Law School and became licensed to practice in Colorado in 2003. When I am not working I love hiking with my wife and 3 kids. We try to spend as much time as possible in the mountains, skiing, rafting, and camping. I love hockey and football and teaching my kids to play baseball.

University of Kansas B.G.S Political Science and History (with Honors) 1999
University of Notre Dame Law School 2003

Bar Admissions
Colorado 2003

Professional Memberships
Colorado Bar Association
Colorado Trial Lawyers Association

Area(s) of Expertise
Trucking accidents
Motorcycle accidents
Traumatic brain injuries
Car accidents
Insurance bad faith cases
Premises/fall cases
Dog Bite cases

Awards / Accolades
National Merit Scholar
Notre Dame Law Scholar
Scabbard and Blade Military Honor Society

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