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While motorcycle accident claims are generally similar to car accidents, there are unique factors that must be considered when building a personal injury case. At Pushchak & Dible, LLC, our Denver motorcycle accident attorneys are committed to helping clients through the complex process of pursuing justice during an incredibly difficult time.

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Understanding Motorcycle Accident Claims

Due to the increased risk of accidents and injuries, it is critical that both motorcycle riders and drivers of other vehicles exercise caution when sharing the road. Motorcycle accidents often result in much more serious injuries and are often fatal, which means that the stakes of an injury claim are often greater. Thus it is essential to have qualified, aggressive representation in your corner.

Elevated risks with motorcycle riding include:

  • Motorcycles are smaller and less visible than other vehicles
  • Motorcycles do not contain the same amount of protective and safety equipment, such as seatbelts, airbags, and a metal barrier.
  • As two-wheeled vehicles, they are less stable and prone to wobbling
  • Minor road hazards can be detrimental to motorcycle riders
  • The skill level and difficulty of riding a motorcycle is greater than that of driving car

In order to successfully pursue compensation for injuries caused by a motorcycle, you must be able to prove liability. In most personal injury cases, liability is determined according to the concept of negligence. In the case of motorcycle accidents, all drivers on the road owe a duty to avoid causing harm to others. Any action, or lack of action, that violates this duty is considered negligence and grounds for liability.

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