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Were You Injured By a Negligent Truck Driver?

Each year on the roads and highways that run through Colorado, commercial trucks cause thousands of accidents that often result in serious injury and death. Even the most responsible and cautious passenger vehicle drivers who consistently pay attention to the road may be suddenly be struck due to the inattentiveness of a semi-truck operator, causing damage to their property and person.

If you were the victim in a commercial trucking accident, it is important to reach out to a trustworthy personal injury attorney in Denver who can hear your story, help you understand if you have a valid claim, and pursue the recovery of damages.

Some of the common causes of commercial trucking accidents include:

  • Unrealistic schedules, expectations, or systems of compensation that lead to significant driver fatigue
  • Inadequate training
  • Improperly balanced or loaded trucks
  • Defects with truck parts
  • Drivers violating speed limits or traffic laws
  • Drivers failing to see other vehicles when turning or changing lanes
  • Intoxicated drivers
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The Dangers of Fatigued Truck Drivers

The truth is that many commercial truck drivers face demanding schedules and deadlines that they must meet quickly. Many times they will operate the vehicle for long hours at a time, which understandably leads to fatigue and inattentiveness. However, because they are in charge of such a massive and potentially deadly machine, the driver and their company should be fully aware of the risks that their vehicle poses and be held fully responsible for their mistakes.

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Battling Big Trucking & Insurance Providers on Your Behalf

Big trucking companies often have big insurance providers who are used to dealing with personal injury claims. Because insurance is a business, it is in their best interest to make sure you receive as little compensation as possible, and many offer an inadequate settlement right away. At times, they will even try to place the fault on you and deny a claim altogether. As experienced Denver injury attorneys, we are here to tell you that you do not have to battle the big trucking and insurance companies alone. Our team will fight on your behalf, and ensure you are given the best possible chance of receiving fair compensation.

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